Make Firefox 3 “Open Containing Folder” Work Properly

This will make Firefox “Open Containing Folder” obey the settings you have set in your Desktop Environment (KDE, GNOME, anything else that pays attention to to open folders with your preferred application (Dolphin, Konqueror, Nautilus, etc):

mkdir -p /usr/local/share/applications/xdg
cat <<EOF >/usr/local/share/applications/xdg/open.desktop
[Desktop Entry]

Open /usr/local/share/applications/defaults.list with your favourite editor. Find the line that contains:

[Default Applications]

If it’s not in the there, add it. Then directly below that line, add this line:


So now the file has this in it::

[Default Applications]

(And maybe some other items below it if the file already existed).

Now you can right click on the downloads in Firefox and choose “Open Containing Folder” to have the folder open with the correct file browser. You may have to wait a few moments or restart your desktop environment so it notices the change.


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2 Responses to “Make Firefox 3 “Open Containing Folder” Work Properly”

  1. Mihir Patel Says:


    My “Open Containing Folder” from Firefox is working fine. But it was not working before i updated it. So it might help who didnt update their firefox and many other peoples

    Thanks for sharing it…


    • ohnoaninja Says:

      Just copied/pasted that from notes made at the time, maybe it is out of date and they have fixed it now but I’ll leave the post up in case it’s still useful to someone.

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